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Famous Vol. 2 | Pearl Mimic Pro

Famous Vol. 2 | Pearl Mimic Pro

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Famous Vol. 2 for the Pearl Mimic Pro module is a collection of 10 professionally sculpted kits based on 5 of your favourite artists. Every kit has been extensively referenced to the source material, giving you immersive and exhillerating representations of iconic artists on your favourite albums!

Buying this collection saves £7 off the total price of these kits alone!

Zeppelins (A & B)
CopLand (A & B)
RedHot (A & B)
The S.P. (A & B)
GreenDaze (A & B)

You do not need to purchase these kits separately if you purchase this pack


File size: approx. 1.4mb zipped, approx. 1.4mb unzipped

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Roland TD-17Roland TD-27Roland TD-50/50X

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  • Additional Information

    This product is delivered as a digital download.

    Installation of this pack requires a USB flash drive or SD card with card reader, and a computer.

    This pack only contains kits for the Pearl Mimic Pro module.

    It is not compatible with any other electronic drum modules.

    For installation instructions, see manual linked above (also provided within the download.)