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PP13x7 Snare & Kits | Pearl Mimic Pro

PP13x7 Snare & Kits | Pearl Mimic Pro

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The eDW PP13x7 Snare is a new multi-layer sampled Pork Pie 13x7 maple snare drum for your Pearl Mimic Pro module. It contains 6 full articulations and comes bundled with 9 versatile custom kit presets. With 4 microphone mixes to choose from -

PP13x7 (Natural mix)
Direct & Overheads

it can be used as part of any kit on your module. You can even tune, muffle or process the snare, just like the stock sounds!

The included presets span a range of styles from "natural" acoustic kits to mix-ready genre kits like Processed, Metal, Vintage and Small.


File size: approx. 198mb zipped, 469mb unzipped

Also available for other modules!

Alesis Strike2Box DrumIt 5 MKII

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  • Additional Information

    This product is delivered as a digital download.

    Installation of this pack requires a USB flash drive and a computer.

    This pack only contains instruments and kits for the Pearl Mimic Pro module.

    It is not compatible with any other electronic drum modules.

    For installation instructions, see manual linked above (also provided within the download.)