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Famous: METAL | Roland TD-27 v2

Famous: METAL | Roland TD-27 v2

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Famous: METAL for the Roland TD-27 module is a collection of 10 EXTREME kits based on 5 of your favourite metal artists. Each kit has been extensively referenced to the source material and includes hard-hitting REAL acoustic samples to take their sound to the next level!

Buying this collection saves £8 off the total price of these kits alone!

Se7en-X (A & B)
Shuggar (A & B)
DivineLamb (A & B)
Knotted (A & B)
MetalLiquor (A & B)
for the TD-27 module!

You do not need to purchase these kits separately if you purchase this pack

Note: This collection is only compatible with TD-27 modules running software v2.00 or higher. Please ensure your module is up to date before installing these files.


File size: approx. 5.3mb zipped, approx. 9.6mb unzipped

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Roland TD-17Roland TD-50X

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  • Additional Information

    This product is delivered as a digital download.

    This kit or pack is only compatible with TD-27 System Program v2.00 (or above). Please ensure your module is running the latest software version before trying to install these files.

    Installation of this pack requires an SD card and card reader connected to your computer.

    This pack only contains kits for the Roland TD-27 module.

    It is not compatible with any other electronic drum modules.

    This collection will use a portion of your TD-27 user sample memory - please ensure you have enough space to accomodate this if you wish to load all of the kits. (See manual for details.)