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P2000 Vintage | Roland TD-17

P2000 Vintage | Roland TD-17

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The P2000 Vintage Kit is inspired by the studio kits of old - a boomy, resonant kick drum, a phat snare and ringing toms with a larger and darker cymbal set. It really sings when playing anything from laid back grooves to big, energetic rock and roll.

This kit contains user samples of a Premier 2000 14x5 chrome over aluminum snare drum on the snare head & rim.


File size: approx. 1.4mb zipped, approx. 2mb unzipped

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Roland TD-27Roland TD-50/50XPearl MimicPRO

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  • Additional Information

    This product is delivered as a digital download.

    This kit or pack may require you to update to TD-17 system program version 1.02.

    Installation of this pack requires an SD card and card reader connected to your computer.

    This pack only contains kits for the Roland TD-17 module.

    It is not compatible with any other electronic drum modules.

    This collection will use a portion of your TD-17 user sample memory - please ensure you have enough space to accomodate this if you wish to load all of the kits. (See manual for details.)