Free Tama SCM Mimic PRO Instrument Library Releases!

A brand new instrument library for the Pearl Mimic Pro module has released and you can download it for free below!

The SCM Mimic Library contains 12 new instruments sampled from a 2002 Tama StarClassic Maple shell pack and a Meinl cymbal set -

22x18” SCM Kick
14x5.5” SCM Snare (wires on & wires off)
8x8", 10x8", 12x8", 13x9" and 15x14" SCM Toms
12x5" Steel Soprano Snare
14” Byzance Medium Hi-hats
20” Amun Powerful Ride
17” Pure Alloy Custom Medium Thin Crash (left)
18” Pure Alloy Medium Crash (right)

It also includes 14 kit presets to get you up and running, many contributed by The eDrum Workshop!

Check out the video to hear the new instruments and kits in action


These samples were recorded and made available for free download by Steven Mackrill. However, if you would like to contribute towards the project, you can visit this GoFundMe page set up for Steve to recoup his costs.

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