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The eDW Kick eLements Pack

The eDW Kick eLements Pack

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Instantly beef up your kick drums! The eDW Kick Elements Pack is built for electronic drummers, hybrid drummers and producers to easily and quickly enhance dull kick drums in any situation.

100 eLement samples are included to layer with existing drum module instruments, trigger with your acoustic kick or blend with your recorded drum tracks. Choose from 3 kinds of attack, sub bass or room ambience samples to shape your kick or use the unique beef samples to add immediate power to a wimpy kick.

Most drum modules that allow sample imports to be used as layers are supported, along with sample pads, hybrid trigger modules and trigger software. See Compatibility and Notes below for more information.


Module/Software Manuals


File size: approx. 19mb zipped, 31mb unzipped

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  • Roland Module Sample Loading Tutorial TD-50X TD-50 TD-27 TD-17 (Opens In New Tab)

    Roland TD-50X, TD-50, TD-27 & TD-17 Sample Loading Tutorial

  • Alesis Strike Sample & Instrument Loading Tutorial (Opens In New Tab)

    Alesis Strike Sample & Instrument Loading Tutorial

  • Pearl Mimic Pro Sample Loading Tutorial (Opens in New Tab)

    Pearl Mimic Pro Sample Loading Tutorial

  • Compatibility

    Roland - TD-50X, TD-50, TD-27, TD-17, SPD-SX, SPD-S, TM-6 Pro, TM-2, TM-1, RTMicS

    Pearl - Mimic PRO
    Yamaha - DTX-PROX, DTX-PRO, DTX-MULTI 12, EAD10
    Alesis - Strike Module, Strike MultiPad
    Slate - Trigger 2, Trigger
    - DD90 Digipad
    dbdrums - nPad
    HXW - Avatar PD705
    Millennium - NonaPad
    ddrum - Nio Percussion Pad
    Ashley - DME 705
    Other manufacturers - check your product's User Manual and the file format listed in the Notes section

  • Notes

    This product is delivered as a digital download.

    These samples are provided as 16-bit 44.1kHz stereo .wav files.

    Instrument files for the Alesis Strike (.sin) and Slate Trigger 2 (.tci) are also included.

    If your drum module, trigger module or sample pad does not support any of the above file types, this pack may not be supported.

    Installation of this pack may require additional hardware - e.g. SD cards, USB thumb drives, proprietary memory cards, USB cables - or software for installation on your module.

    Please refer to the product’s Owner’s Manual, User Guide or other documentation to see what requirements your module has for file transfer or sample imports.