Using the Roland Copy Menu | Restore presets, swap pads, copy kits & more

In this Roland Copy Menu tutorial, Luke shows you 

  • How to copy kits
  • How to copy individual pads / instruments to new kits
  • How to restore Roland factory preset kits (without a factory reset)
  • How to exchange instruments between kits (with their settings intact)
  • How to copy ambience, MFX, EQ and compression settings to other kits
  • How to copy trigger settings
  • How to copy kits or settings out of backups on your SD card

and more with the Kit Copy, Pad Copy and Exchange settings on your Roland V-Drums module!

Everything you need to know for the current generation of Roland modules - TD-07, TD-17, TD-27, TD-50, TD-50X - can be found in this video, along with plenty of features that are also available on previous modules.

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