Pad EQ | How To Make Roland Drums Sound Better

Do you struggle with the internal sounds on your Roland module and want to find out how to improve them?

In this episode of How To Make Roland Drums Sound Better, Luke tackles effective use of Pad EQ. Watch how to apply these EQ tips for your kick, snare, toms and cymbals to instantly shake up your Roland TD-07, TD-17, TD-27. TD-50, TD-50X or any Roland module that has a Pad EQ setting.


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Hi Ray. I’ve had to leave this reply as a separate comment because it appears my blog doesn’t allow comment replies. Sorry about that, I hope you find it!

I would just start by setting up the kits then ensuring everything feels like it is playing correctly. You can go into the trigger settings and check that your hardest “musical” hits (ie. the hardest you will naturally play, not necessarily the hardest you can physically hit) are hitting the top of the trigger monitor graph/hitting a velocity of 127. If they are not, you can increase the sensitivity. If you hit this far too easily, you can reduce the sensitivity so that it feels more natural.

Once you’re happy with how things feel, I would just scroll through the preset kits on the module and see what inspires you to play! If you find that you don’t enjoy the preset kits, you could then try building your own or using the techniques in the video attached to this post, or you could browse my store to find kits that you like the sound of and add them to your module. There are demo videos on all of the product pages!

If you have any other questions, feel free to send them through the contact form linked at the top. I might not approve more comments until I can work out a solution to this “reply” situation.


Hi, I just purchased the Roland TD KV 17 electric drums. I’m so excited. But I’m a little overwhelmed don’t know where to start. Where should I start?


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